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    Monday, May 26, 2008

    I'm Yours..

    "you try to be cute but you're so hot that i'm melting.. scootch on over closer dear ; and i will nibble your ear.. i'm yours..." - jason mraz, i'm yours

    anyway! i was just thinking about my plans this june (which includes rehearsels at school that i completely forgot about this morning. oops..) and then i remembered a list that anysa and i made in school. the perfect man, remember nysa! lol. if i recall correctly, both lists were like, crazy long. hahaa.. i only remember a few of mine :

    1. must have nice hands!! lol. no nails that are chewed down to the cuticles or all feathery around the edges coz of biting. ew, i mean, DUDE, you touch me with those hands. at least make them nice. :P
    2. nice voice. the husky, deep, JD Fortune type. -melts- well, this one is optional.
    3. okay, this one is just a major fantasy : dark hair and green eyes. OHMIGOD! lol. if only, if only.

    i'll continue this later or something, there's thunder and rain and thats never good for computers. baii! ^^

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