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    Tuesday, May 27, 2008


    "that's what you get when you let your heart win ; whoa ; i drowned all of my sense with anything but this ; that's what you get when you let your heart win ; whoa.." - paramore, that's what you get.
    anyway! i was gonna continue the list but i find that i am unable to recall the rest of the list. oh hang on ;
    4. must be a family guy. no, not the show. i watched that one. it was hilarious but not quite what i'm looking for. XD *sings* if you use toad.. then you will croak.." sorry, distracted. :P
    5. nice teeth. lol, to make up for the crookedness of my own, i guess. ;p
    6. MUST NOT BE CLINGY! this is tres importante. i do NOT like clingy guys. ugh. drowning in treacle much.
    7. knows how to wolf whistle and can teach me. XD i wanna learn how to do it without getting spit all over my fingers. again, this is optional. :P
    8. must be Christian! thats a "no duh" but you guys might ask so i thought i'd better include it.
    9. if he was musician, that'll be a bonus!!!!!
    i think thats it so far. i really don't remember the rest. hmm. i think i shall now renew my list of hot boys. XD since the last one was pretty long time ago and there's been a whole bunch of new hot boys on the block. well, plus some old ones that i never noticed before. :P

    COLIN FARREL : gawd. look at those eyes. he's got a good body too. XD too bad he's going to die because of lung cancer, the boy smokes like a chimney. :/

    NICK SIMMONS : the extremely sexy son of gene simmons. anysa, i know you <3 him. :P

    BEN BARNES : sexy newcomer! prince caspian. gawdd he's dreamy. he is also the first guy i've ever seen inessa swoon over. XDD
    ADAM G. SEVANI : I <3 color="#009900">he's amazing. gawd. so much talent in tht skinny little frame. lol.

    JARED LETO : well, yes, so he's been around for a while. lol. but he is amazingly sexy- i mean, talented. :P gawd. look at that tors- i mean, uhm, sunglasses? 8D

    anyhoo. i had more this afternoon but then for some STUPID reason, internet explorer closed my window. potong stim man! geez.

    okie dokey gotta run! hannah montana's on, tee hee. ;p

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