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    Friday, April 25, 2008


    my internet is so screwy.
    its pissing the hell out of me.

    msn : sign in, sign out. sign in, sign out. sign in, sign out. sign i- oh to hell with this!!!!
    facebook : -clicks on homepage and goes to the toilet- maybe it'll be done by the time i get back.
    - 5 mins later- wth, the page is still empty.
    deviantart : trying to upload my photos is a waste of time and anger.
    blogger : okay, this one works at least.
    myspace : ditto facebook, except tht NOW, it's all in SPANISH. i mean, dude. wtf.
    other blog sites : i can't write in the cboxes. i don't know why. it keeps going "error in process :

    damn you, maxis broadband, you SUCK.
    oh, i found out something incredibly stupid about my school today. i don't know if any other schools have this rule, but here goes :

    you must get PERMISSION from the teacher-in-charge to use the PUBLIC PAYPHONE.

    well, THATS the stupidest thing tht i have EVER heard, other than a blonde saying, "ohmigod, i'm having a major blonde moment!"
    tht was on "are you smarter than a 5th grader" and she was american, so i forgive her. anyway, back to public payphone.

    dudes. its PUBLIC.
    we PAY to use the phone, and we STILL have to get permission from the teachers? wtf. i bet its a money making scheme. where else do all those coins go?
    and half the time, the stupid phone doesn't even WORK.
    and handphones aren't allowed right? well, if you aren't allowed your phone, and the payphone doesn't work, how is one going to go home after staying back after school for some god-forsaken obligatory school activity?
    thank god i bring my phone when i stay back. can you imagine waiting for ten other people to finish with the phone?
    especially when they're there talking to their boyfriends. i mean, dudes. use some other communication device, just let me use the freaking payphone so i can go home. and no, i don't care if you haven't spoken to him all day.
    teachers don't use their frigging brains lah. all these dilemmas they don't think of.

    anyway. yes. my bum is numb. XD
    and i think - no wait, i KNOW - i'm coming down with a cold. T.T
    i should be studying. exams are in a week and a half.
    or sleeping. i have to get up early tomorrow for the BEST thing at church. i can't go for the CU rally at school. ): nessa is mc-ing!
    well, i seriously can't open my eyes so i'm going to sleep now. take cold meds first.
    Starfishie, you frigging idiot, you had better come online soon. we haven't talked in AGES and AGES. grr.

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