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    Sunday, February 24, 2008


    i went ice skating with sammie and mel yesterday. all was good. all was fine and good clean fun.
    then i fell.
    and twisted my ankle.
    now i walk around the house hobbling like a grandmother (psst don't tell her i said that), but i guess the good thing is..
    i don't have to go to school today!! :D
    well, not that i can actually go anywherecoz i can't walk properly. have to stay in the house. and do my homework. T.T and study coz my exams are coming up, my first exam is at the end of this week. pray for me you guys!! pretty please. ;p

    yesterday was the most hilarious day ever. ehh, not yesterday. saturday. yeah. first going for the time out with jang, we had a briefing with shah for media. and we had jon chin, shou yi, rachel ng, tuen tjun, kenvin, james and john foong, (i forgot his name, i'm sorry), my sister, eirena and i think her name was jessie join us. it was alot of fun. jon chin and shou yi were like teasing tuen tjun so shah gave him the "joker card" meaning if they bullied him, he could tell shah and shah could call gang pergi belasah. funny lah. after that whenever jon and shou teased him, he'd be like, "i got joker card!!!"

    funny lah, these people. XD

    then after service and card making, which i had to do pretty much all by myself, coz IVAN and JON CHIN were perpetually USELESS, tak tahu apa nak buat, we went to the cafeteria to celebrate inessa's late birthday with cake and all that. then the whole gang sat down just to talk and everything.
    i swear, i have not laughed that much and that hard since new year's eve when we stayed over at sammie's house.

    it was awesome! :P
    peace out from the crippled one.
    i go put ice on me ankle now. :)

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