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    Saturday, February 02, 2008

    Switchfoot I


    IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry. i know swearing is overrated. but "really awesome" doesn't cut it. "frigging awesome" doesn't cut it either.
    so the f word it is.

    anyway. yes. love me butch, as i had predicted, sucked. they gave me a headache. sue shen and i were like standing around, just waiting for switchfoot. and there were these CRAZY malay girls behind us screaming for all they were worth. and there was a guy behind them who screamed even louder. gawd. my poor ears. i was seriously deaf after.

    so yes, then altered frequency came on. they were good. nothing to scream about, but they were pretty good. :) but i was just waiting for switchfoot.



    i screamed.
    i jumped.
    i sang.
    i yelled at the people in front of me because they were so freakishly tall tht i couldn't see.
    i took pictures.
    i sang somemore.

    EVERYONE knew their songs!! it was so cool. songs like "we were meant to live", "i dare you to move", and "we are one tonight". they didn't even have to sing!!


    oh! and they sang "only hope". you know, the mandy moore song in a walk to remember?
    apparently, its a switchfoot song. i didn't know tht, did you?
    all the more reason to love them so. ^^
    they sang "oh! gravity" as well, but i only heard tht song a couple of times, so i didn't knw how to sing it properly. i just winged it. thank goodness jon foreman sings clearly, i could hear every single word. i could sing along to the chorus.

    "oh gravity!"

    uh. i tak ingat dah.

    anyway. yes. pictures will come later. i have a TON of them. some are pretty good. most are pretty blurry. not my fault tht jon foreman keeps moving. and that i'm short. and that i wasn't exactly close to the stage (which is all sue shen's fault, i TOLD her we should go early, but no... i should have followed ben.). and that the people around jostle me around alot coz i'm SHORT.

    i seriously felt so short there. all these tall people. ish. all i could see was sweaty backs and spiked hair. gawdd.


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