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    Saturday, March 01, 2008

    Free Association

    It's 12.53am and i can't sleep so i'm going to do this thing debbie taught us called free association.
    when she first said it, i heard free a sausage.
    wth? o.O
    anyway. here i go.

    kissing talk radio music screaming ami james tattoos hot peacocks colours pain needles DJ's standing sitting itching ankles japanese anime miami ink stars fingers sunglasses cool new bikinis fat people prettiness scary bags polka dots MSN screwy insomniatic starfish hugging sleeping runny noses phlegm weirdness random love love love bible runway clothes tutus projects sheisser homework forgot ackkkk english tuition frontline orientation changing channels to busy typing damn damn click can't sleep wargh weird words gene simmon's hot son sexy betull suite life of zac and cody tv shows disney channel nickelodeon growing up creepy photography danny phantom favourite shows spongebob squarepants mindless shite brains oozing media team training equipment on location sounds aeroplane flowers tattoos milk

    okay. i'm done.
    i'm going to go and check out tattoo designs now. :D

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