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    Sunday, February 17, 2008

    ... something more than beyonce in a giant glass of champagne.

    sorry, i know that was super random, but it popped into my head after catching the tail end of beyonce's naughty girl video. it is.. beyonce.. in a giant glass.. of champagne.


    anyway, yes. many many people have asked me how my valentines day was.
    crap. thats right. crap.
    but only mostly due to PMS.
    don't mess with a single kate on valentines day when she's PMS-ing yo. she'll kill you.

    emmm.... i dunno, i'm pretty bored. i have to go pluck.
    draw your own conclusions.
    got a wedding dinner tonight. some unknown relative of mine is getting married. so, yes. i get to wear my dress! ^^

    OH OH! did you know, i'm related to sherman, nick and justin tan? weird!!
    their late mother is my cousin's mother's sister. so we're related through marriage.

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