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    Sunday, February 10, 2008


    its tough being the middle kid yanno. ;p hahaha...
    i would personally consider myself pretty well off for a middle kid. usually, middle kids are ignored by parents who dote on the oldest kid or the youngest kid. middle kids are, well, middle kids. but i would say that my parents give us all a fair share of attention.
    actually, i want to write about my younger sister.
    sara ng shu li.
    she is 14 years old this october.
    she is dyslexic.
    i'm pretty sure most of ya'll who read my blog already know this stuff. and i'm not going to go over the usual "she's-dyslexic-so-please-try-to-be-nice-to-her" shit because i know thats all it is to you - shit.
    no. today, i'm going to ask you to attempt being in, well, MY shoes.
    i'm the middle child, closest to sara. i also happen to be the eldest daughter as well as sara's big sister. my mother and i are the ones who usually take care of sara. scott doesn't really give her the time of day, not because of anything, but mostly because he doesn't know how to talk to her. same goes for dad.
    so mom and i try our best.
    and sometimes, when mom's not around, i try my best. can you imagine what its like?

    having to worry about what your little sister is doing / saying when you're not with her?
    whether she's embarrassing herself?
    whether she's getting along?
    whether the people she's with, the people who call themselves her "friends" (tht word is to be said with utmost sarcasm) are treating her like a normal friend?

    i know wht she goes through, you know. don't think i don't know.
    you people who call yourselves her "friends" don't give a shit about her. you guys think she's "weird" and "embarrassing", no doubt about that.
    i'm here to stand up for my sister.
    of course i've been embarrassed by her before.
    of course here have been times where i just wish she could be like everyone else.
    of course there are times when she doesn't make sense even to me, and i live with her.
    of course.
    i'm not going to lie to you. she's not the perfect sister.
    but neither am i. and neither are any of us.
    and i still love her no matter what.
    she has a heart of gold because she's more innocent than any of us could ever be. she wishes only the best for everyone. she doesn't swear because she's been taught not to and she keeps to her word. she doesn't watch the stuff other people do because she doesn't understand it.

    NOT because she's stupid.

    my little sister is NOT stupid.
    she may be naive, and she may not get alot of jokes and stuff like that, and she may be really sensitive, but she is NOT stupid.
    its just the way she is.
    i understand your struggles to accept her. heck, dudes, i LIVE with her, i share a bedroom with her. if you have to put up with her a couple of times a week for a few hours, imagine what i have to put up with 24/7?

    do you have any idea how many times i have gotten so so angry with God?

    but now i knw wht she really is. this may sound so cliche, but its the truth.
    she is a blessing.
    she brings laughter into my life. she brings me my trials so that i can overcome them together with her. she helps me to grow. she helps me do simple things like get me water and things like that when i have my hands full or when i'm just feeling lazy or tired (which i do quite often ;p).

    sara ng shu li is my sister.
    and i love her.
    can't you do the same?


    sammy`. said...

    nearly cried reading this...

    Kateh said...

    O.O really?? wow, lol, didn't mean to make anyone cry.

    sammy`. said...

    nahh. most was just i never really thought of how life would be like with a sibling. what more a sibling like her.. it was meaningful; more like tears of sweetness. if that made any sense.

    felixvoon said...

    im glad you shared this... i never knew that part about sara...