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    Monday, November 19, 2007


    i put tht picture up coz she looked like she was thinking about something. :P

    anyhoo. yesterday i was talking to dakota. no, not dakota fanning. she scares me anyway, except in charlotte's web, that was an awesome movie. :D

    btw, this dakota is a guy.

    anyway, so i was talking to dakota with sammie and then she went away so it was just him and me. and he asked me abit of stuff then he asked me if i was a christian.

    obviously, i said yes.

    then he asked me,"why do you believe in God?"

    shit, got me there.

    so i thought about it. for quite a while, mind you.

    but i think i got the answer now.

    i believe in God because of the life i have now. because of the people He's put around me, who help me and encourage me and thrill me. i believe because He's something to believe in and if i don't have something to believe in i will fall apart. i believe in Him because out of all the things i could believe in, He's the most solid, most trustworthy person i know and love.


    thanks for asking me, dakota.

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