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    Sunday, November 25, 2007


    the news is sudden
    so sudden i don't have time to cry
    but now i sit
    and stare at the wall
    to think about you
    and how you were.

    you were somebody's father
    somebody's brother
    somebody's son
    and somebody's lover
    somebody's step-father
    somebody's friend
    somebody's son
    and somebody's shoulder.

    you were a good man
    and i can only cry
    at the very thought
    of the world losing another good man
    such as yourself.

    i'm sorry that i didn't take the time
    to get to know you better
    i want you to know
    that i liked you very much.

    now i wonder
    how are the people you left behind
    your wife, son, step-son and step-daughter
    best friend, acquaintance, mother-in-law and mother
    how are they going to cope
    with the loss of you?
    you were a light
    but now the world seems so much darker
    now that you're gone.

    i can only pray that you are in
    a better place now.
    many will not get their chance
    to say their goodbyes to you
    but this is mine.
    rest in peace, dear uncle boon.
    you were a good man, a good friend

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