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    Friday, November 09, 2007

    hey, FYI, i take GOOD pictures, okay?

    for some WEIRD FOREIGN reason, whenever i tell people i like photography, they stare at me and go "really? hmm, i never thought you'd be much of a photography person." okay, so they don't say it, but i can tell by the look in their eyes.


    and, NO, they're not ALL of myself. i promise.

    cross my heart. no, seriously. heyy, quit laughing!!

    i think i should take up photography. like, a hobby. mom thinks so too. i do like taking pictures. i took some real good ones at the dedication service, just that HANRICK went and deleted three quarters of them. grr. lol, but the lala shot of tze quan was taken by me, WAKAKAK. good times. good times! XD

    omfg, brad pitt looks so bloody hot in this movie. urh, which is.... meet joe black. yeah, thats right. pretty old show, apparently. he looks like a more intense version of jesse mccartney. :D

    osh kosh b gosh! you know what? some people are like, GENIUSES. seriously! go to deviantart and you'll find out. oh btw, daph, here's me link. leave me comments, OKAY?! you have to!!

    go see my good photography and lousy poems! XD

    just so you know, my "poems" aren't really poems, they're actually just crap i write at the spur of the moment. lol. :P

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