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    Wednesday, November 07, 2007


    okay okay. so the party really wasn't all that. at least i got to meet a couple of new people though! haha. spent the whole night mostly talking to george and marcia. george and i teamed up against marcia and poked her. XD with our words. ekekekek. she was complaining of being fat again, okay!!! so the two of us were, like, honestly, shut up. :P

    plus, george is pretty cute. :D

    i went to see stardust todayy! it was pretty awesome, like i told daphnie earlier, a sci-fi comedy romantic movie all rolled into one. haha.. at the beginning, there's this guy who crosses the wall and then he goes to this other place called stormhold and sees this girl. so he buys a flower from her for with a kiss and then they go into this caravan at the back and sleep together. 9 months later, a baby arrives at the door. i mean, hello?! haha.. ben was like "geez, what a horny fellow, its only the beginning of the movie!"


    on deviantart, that is. i'm so happy!!!!!!

    wakak. hey, if euu were me, you would be euphoric too, okayy!


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