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    Monday, August 20, 2007


    the drama workshop was so awesome! :D yes it was.
    apparently my mother has known aaron since he was 5. geeeeeeeez! lol. his sister in law used to work with her and dad. his eldest sibling is 39. how crazy is that?? he's 18. and smaller than me. XD but he's this awesome singer. i mean, seriously. how many small sized 18 year olds do you know who can sing so awesomely? he sang something from les miserables.

    its raaaaiiinning.

    anyway. yes we sang well! :P and now i shall show you the few pictures i took before my battery died.
    come now, let us dance! :D marcia : *sniff* oh good. i don't smell.
    the maestros at work. from the girl : stephanie, aaron and tyler.

    tyler's twinkle fingers. *plink plonk*

    alithea and her face. only she can make a face like that and look okay!wai kin trying to be macho. the scarf was actually sparkly.

    steph, marcia and me. i mata sepet! XD excuse : i was tired.

    syok sendiri!!!!!!!!!

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