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    Thursday, August 09, 2007

    common sensibility

    i couldn't tahan. there's so much to write. XD
    ve shall start vit mah birthday. :D haha it was so awesome. thanks nicole, marcia, mel, ins and anysa for coming! we went to pizza hut and ate a whole lot of, well, pizzas. came back to mah place and piled onto mah bed and talked about crap until 12pm. mel got me a cake! chocolate, yumm.. ooh ooh and anysa made me cuppycakes. yay me! so i had lots to eat. i think i gained a lot of weight. O.o hm. nicole got me a marks n spencers blouse. mucho sexay, thanks babe! :P hm but daddy won't let me wear it out. i wore it on his birthday in klcc and ended up wearing a cardigan over it because mom said he was getting paranoid. bah! i shall have to wear me tube underneath. :D marcia got me a baaaggg! its green. apple green. EYE POPPING. wakak.
    sammy got me a cup. :D haha its got goofy on it! bah my favourite disney character, yay! philly got me a cup too. except its a glass. so damn pretty. i don't dare to use it. haha its one of those cups where you just put it onto the shelf for show to collect dust. but i love it. I LOVE THE BOX IT CAME IN AARGH. so pretty. blue and purple butterflies. hm and auntie alicia gave meh MONAYY. oh monayy. rm30 to be exact, yay me! tze quan got me earrings! nice nice. *grins* nick got me a necklace and a bracelet. prettay prettay trinkets. >.O
    thank you everybodayy!
    hm trials are on. omg i HAVE to pass everything. inculding sejarah. aiyoo, sei-lorr. XP hm hm geography and kh is tomorrow. moral was yesterday. damn stupid, our schedule. thursday, exam. friday, no exam. saturday, exam. :( then monday to thursday, examss. then holiday. AND THEN AFTER HOLIDAY, ONE MORE. and its history. which means i'll be spending the holidays with my nose buried in my revision books. T.T except when its nicole's birthday. oh lol i got her the awesome-st thing evaa. :D
    gym class heroes "clothes off"
    googoo dolls "before its too late"
    red jumpsuit apparatus "facedown"
    plain white tees "hey there delilah"
    all american rejects "P.S. i love you"
    me ears are rocking to these tunes. woot.
    been kind of emo the past few days. why? hm, gee, i dunno. maybe because i'm kind of invisible in class nowadays. to everybody. anysa's not talking to me. why? ask her. i have no clue. besids racking my brains for a reason why, i have yet to ask her. mom says i should take it as a blessing. hm, why is that? because now i have time to study without being distracted. yeah i guess so. its still mucho depressing to have no one to talk to in class. geez, psycho, tell me what i did already. major mood swings or what. and its not like geogy and the rest are so chummy with me or anything. so i'm like, a lone wolf. or rabbit. whichever you prefer. so what have i been doing in class? ACTUALLY, I'VE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION. somewhat, anyway. i drew delirium. so awesome. and i wrote emo songs and poems. quite happy with le results. hahaha i sound so pathetic.
    i didn't go to school today. well, yeah, thats obvious. real observant, kate. :P tomorrow is geography and so far i spent almost two hours doing revision. thank God for puan toh. she scares the living daylights out of us, so we pay attention. so my form three work's okay. just form one and two. :D
    i read sabriel. scott says he won't let me read lirael. i say why not? he says i won't be able to find it in his room. hm well i found it! haha. but i must resist!
    not that you know what i'm talking about.
    you know what? i'm gone for less than a month, not checking anybody's blog and stuff. today i log onto some people's blogsa and it seems that so many things have been happening. hm how come eh? a lot of swearing happening.
    boy am i glad not to be involved. :D
    i better get back to the books. or the couch. hm. :P

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