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    Wednesday, August 22, 2007


    boredom + camera = random pictures!

    coooooooool! see the black cloud in front of the white ones? yeah, i made mom stop the car so i could take a picture of it. wa-lah!
    i see the reflection of the camera in my eye. :D

    psst! spot the idiot in the mirror. yes, scott's got his P licence at long last. yippeee!

    mah cherie! well, okay, my mom's cherie. my little sister. woot, this was random. i tried to catch her by surprise, but she's such an expert poser now, she manage to look decent. hmph. i don't have that ability.

    its the little angel! she's kind of dusty now i think. she's been hanging there since forever. maybe less, but still. dusty angels!
    weird fingers they have. especially mom's. i mean, look! they look.. retarded. omg, mom has retarded fingers! no no, only in the picture. her fingers were fine last time i checked.

    whooooo. bugs on the window. oh look, a fly just got smooshed!

    the car moved. *jiggle, snap*

    mah loverly hand. this is at home, by the way. the rest of the pics were taken in the car.

    i have nothing interesting to blog about. :D

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