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    Thursday, August 30, 2007

    this week has been filled with sweet and savoury goodies designed to make me fat. i have succumbed to their tempting ways. aaaaaaah woe is me. i have probably gained like 5kgs already. O.O

    monday : 2 1/2 currypuffs
    tuesday : 2 currypuffs + ice cream sandwich (winces)
    wednesday : chocolate chip cookies
    thursday : NEW ZEALAND NATURAL ICE CREAM. hey. its 50% off, okay. :P

    who knows what else i'll put into my mouth tomorrow. and then on saturday. oh yeah.

    i burnt porridge today. *cringe* no, i'm serious. i can't believe i burnt porridge. ME. i'm a fairly okay cook. well, i think so, anyway. ;P but i actually burnt porridge today.

    oh my gosh.

    anyway. going for the overnight prayer tonight. don't know how long i'll be staying. :P maybe i'll do what we did the last overnight prayer i went for.

    a whole bunch of us youths prayed for like, a hour, went out and spent the rest of the time talking and being silly. XD it ws good clean fun. fueled by the fact that we were all sleep deprived and delirious.

    maybe we'll go to the mamak tonight! :D

    okay. in conjunction with merdeka, i shall write a letter to dear malaysia.

    dear malaysia,

    hi. i know i always talk crap about you. and usually none of it is good. but no matter what i say about you, you always meet my needs whenever i need them. oh, and food here? excellent. where else would i get banana bombs, i ask you? and those sinful currypuffs. also good beef rendang. indian rice. char kuay teow. pisang goreng. and so on. so i guess i have this to say : thanks malaysia! now, if only we could work on the racist issues... oh, and better public toilets would be good too.. hm, and yes, why don't we change sejarah to english instead of bahasa melayu? after all, you want us to have better english right? what better way to do that than to have the reading subjects in english? okay, i better stop while i'm ranting. happy 50th merdeka, malaysia! :D

    love, kate

    this stupid norton antivirus thing that keeps popping up is pissing me off. GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY.


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