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    Sunday, August 12, 2007


    so many frogs to kiss. so many of them i knew. they were good friends, even. people i've known forever(shocker, i know). or so it seems. so many times i tried.

    but none of them felt right.

    till i came to you. we were apprehensive, scared, shy. but then your lips met mine. afraid, we broke apart. but we longed for each other.

    so we kissed.

    it felt so right. so good. my hand unfolds onto your chest.

    you hold my other hand in yours.

    then i wake up.

    i'm wondering, was that a dream? was it real? what did it mean?

    strange as it is, i think i know.

    i dare not pursue it. i admit it. i am afraid.

    yet it felt so right. so good. your lips sweet upon mine. your touch tender upon mine.

    love emanating from every direction.

    yet, i am afraid.

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