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    Wednesday, March 21, 2007

    what kills me

    -the sound of something rubbing against a balloon.

    -the fact that you're an absolute idiot. (you don't know who you are)

    -larr larr-ness!! berjaya times square almost made me jump off the top of the kl tower.

    -throwing up.

    -watching people throw up.

    -people who think they can sing but they really can't but they insist of singing out loud anyway.

    -the sound of styrofoam rubbing against another piece of styrofoam.

    -my science teacher. GRRR!

    -people who have everything complaining.

    -britney spears.

    -clothes that make me look fat. ><>

    -those girls in my school who stare and ogle at guys like cavepeople. jakun betul!

    -coffee. blech.

    -soppy soap operas like general hospital, FASHION HOUSE*muahaha ivan*, etc. and laguna beach SUCKS.

    -stupid teenagers in "my super sweet sixteen" *says in high squeaky voice,"i don't wave to people, people wave to meeee.." *vomit vomit*

    -the fact that the things i want are way WAY too expensive. mom says i have expensive taste. yay me?

    -the fact that I CAN'T PLAY ANY INSTRUMENTS! YAARRGH! i have no patience with instruments. *snuffle*

    thats all for now i guess. there are alot more, people, things, places but i don't think i should. :)


    Anonymous said...

    i like fashion house. and laguna beach does suck. super sweet 16 is full of paris hilton wannabes, and i think i know who the idiot is...
    he he he.. =p

    Philip said...

    i hate the balloon thing ...

    and i can't play instruments too ur not alone

    Anonymous said...

    Balloons are VERY annoying. Thank you!

    marcia said...

    whats the super sweet 16 thingy?? the ballon thing IS annoying =P

    marcia said...

    whoops.. that was supposed to be balloon.

    ivan said...

    what's with the *muahahahha ivan* huh?? eh... FH is one of the nice shows that are available... i've been keeping track of it... now... i think it's somewhere... . . .
    SOMEWHERE la >> many things in my head.. haha

    but laguna beach is just ok.. pretty sucky here n there.. but Falcon Beach is cool...
    and OTH , O.C. , The Office ...
    AND of cause... HEROES !!

    " i pray...
    Lord show me Chapter 19
    of Heroes
    fill my thirst for it.. "

    katiebaby* said...

    -____________-" ivan.

    wakaka. i wanna see it tooooo!