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    Tuesday, March 20, 2007


    *bluekk* i have been bored. people have probably been skipping the name of my blog in the box up there that says "window" that shows you all the websites you visit frequently.

    my apologies! ><

    nothing's been really going on. so i haven't really got something to blog about. oh. nicole was jumping inf ront of people saying in a super squeaky voice "HI! I'M HIGHLY FLAMMABLE!". so that they didn't freak out, i was "assigned" by pei ling to babysit her. nicole went HIIIGGHHH. XD i went around apologizing to the people she was busy terrorising. hahaha.. no hard feelings nikki, yah know i'm kidding.

    hm. last week's resonate was pretty awesome. pastor daniel spoke and it was awesome! haha...

    oh. i gotta run. more tomorrow.. or maybe the day after.. or the day after.. whatever! bye ya'll.


    NiCK^ said...

    heY!!! disagreed!! Laguna Beach is GooD!! they don't really rock but they're Good.. haha... all the drama, its so.. er.. "emo".. wakakakaka!! i gotta wait for one whole torturing week juz to watch a half an hour episode!! it sucks!! hahaha

    Anonymous said...

    Laguna Beach ROCKS okay. :P

    Anonymous said...

    except the new season. a

    Anonymous said...

    bitch!! =)
    xoxo <3

    Kateh said...

    you guys suck. except nicole. laguna beach is brainless.