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    Monday, October 12, 2009

    No, this is not a test~

    "I scraped my knees while I was praying ; And found a demon in my safest haven." - Paramore, Turn It Off.

    Mom and I went to Bangsar today just to walk around and check out the boutiques around there and we went to Square Room.
    I swear, I hate things that claim to be "free size". LIES! XD
    I tried on this dark green tube top. I don't know HOW I got into it. Seriously. Then I was trying to take it off, and I COULDN'T and I like SHITSHITSHITFUUCK while struggling to get out of it and my mom had to help me.
    Oh man. But really, I hate stuff that promises to be free sized. SURE. Free size, in sizes only available for skinny people. Anyone over size 4, SORRYYYYY. D< What a pain being big is. You can't even go and buy in cheap little boutiques because they don't cater to your sizes, and you end up having to buy from the really expensive stores and then you end up broke. I really gotta learn how to sew.

    Found some new music. :D Zooey Deschanel has an EP with this guy (I kinda forgot his name) and it's really cute. ^^ She & Him - Volume One. Check it out.
    Oh, and thanks Ben for recommending The Fratellis. I'm enjoying it lots. (x

    I watched The Proposal last night. OMG. Funny. And Ryan Reynolds is so hot. SO hot.

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