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    Monday, October 05, 2009


    "When the beat kicks in, you feel it in your bones." - Pixie Lott, Boys And Girls.

    Yeah, I truly never thought I'd wear those tights. ;p Good for photo purposes I suppose. (:
    Anyway, I studied Science today. Okay, that's a lie, I tried. I took the photos in the morning and then I hunkered down to study, but then I got hungry so I made lunch and THEN I really DID do some studying, but I'm here again. (:

    I think I should set my blog to invitation only. @.@

    Thinking of going to Ikea to study tomorrow. I have a feeling that I'll only ever be able to study when I have people around me, otherwise I'll get bored and distract myself. ITS A CURSE!
    And plus, there's Daim cake in Ikea. Talk about wonderful. :D

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