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    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    I'm just falling to my knees~

    UGHHH Dad, Sara and Scott are eating durian in the kitchen, so I've banned them from coming into the living room while I use the comp. ;p

    Anyway, gave NST a miss today (Oops, naughty Kate!) and went with Mom and Scott to OU to watch An Honest Mistake play. We walked around alot before they played and spent alot of time in Forever 21 looking for A-line floral skirts and accessories to go with my prom dress ^^
    We didn't find the skirts, but we found some pretty nice accessories I'm thinking of getting.
    Oohhh, and Dorothy Perkins has these really really adorably flats that I love. They've got leopard prints!!!! But they're not sleazy looking, or cheap trashy or anything, they're just so so cute.
    I'm getting a RM50 voucher to Topshop. I wonder what I should buy. ;^;

    Scott pissed me off ALOT today, I'm refusing to speak to him properly for the time being. We were arguing about my fear of molluscs in the car and he said we should do a Fear Factor thing and put me in a box and drop them all over me so that I would get over my fear of them
    I think...... I would be even MORE traumatised than I already AM and that's the stupidest idea I have ever heard in my life.
    And then he goes on and for some reason, he decides to say, "I hate to say it, but I am smarter than you."
    And I'm like, "Excuse me??"
    Gee, Kor. Do you think I do not KNOW that you're smarter than me? Honestly, must you rub that into my FACE? It's not my problem that YOU were smarter and you were just too damn lazy to get off your arse and study. GAWDD.
    And THEN, I said that evidently, my EQ is higher than his, which is like, DUH. But he's going on like, "Ohh, I have pretty much perfected the balance, you should too" blabla shit. RIIIIIIGHT. Like anyone believes that.
    If your EQ is so perfect, Kor, then how come you're so oblivious to the fact that you hurt me?

    So yes. Sometimes, I really do hate my brother. I don't really feel bad about admitting this to the world, I probably will later, but GAWD! sometimes I can't stand him.
    He's okay sometimes though.
    But most of the time.. Geez.

    I feel better now. :D

    Okay. I'm going to try and study now. Byeee~
    Don't worry, I'm okay :3

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