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    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    M E .*
    First Name :: Kate. (:

    * Nicknames :: Katie, Panda-Kah-Tay, Katie-boo, Panda. :P
    * Name You Wish You Had:: don't want another.
    * What Do People Normally Mistake Your Name As:: -quote- "Cake?" i slap you.
    * Birth Date:: 21 July 1992.
    * Birth Place:: Assunta hospital >.>
    * Time of Birth:: 10.30am on the dot!! coooool. XD
    * Single or Taken:: very, very, VERY single.
    * Zodiac Sign:: Cancer. crabby, crabby. XD

    Y o u r A p p e a r a n c e .
    * How Tall Are You :: 5 ft 3. i think.
    * Do You Wish You Were Taller :: YEAHH. almost EVERYBODY is taller than me. T.T
    * Short or Long Hair :: ehm, shortish longish? loll.
    * Ever Dye Your Hair A Bizarre Color :: definitely dyed before, but no bizarre colours. YET. ;p
    * Last Time You Did Something Dramatic With Your Hair :: -crickets chirping-
    * Glasses or Contacts :: glasses, which i HATE yet cannot live without.
    * Do You Wear Make Up :: minimal make up. lip balm and lip gloss. special occasions call for eyeliner. :D
    * Ever Had Hair Extensions :: ehhhhhhh nope.
    * Paint Your Nail :: wackiest colours possible. from black to green to bright sparkly blue. :P

    T h e O p p o s i t e S e x .
    * Shy or Outgoing :: a good combination of both. ^^
    * Looks or Personality :: ditto first one. :P
    * Sexy or Cute :: SEXY! like the dude from pull and bear. -drool-
    * Older or Younger Than You :: older.
    * A Turn On :: height, hair, eyes, smile, body, humour, confidence (but not arrogant). ;p
    * A Turn Off :: no humour, bad breath, too much hairgel, pick up lines, no confidence.. i could go on and on.

    C h o i c e s .
    * Flowers or Chocolates:: CHOCOLATE. :D gimme gimme.
    * Pepsi or Coke:: pepsi.
    * Rap or Rock:: right now kind of into both, but rock more than rap.
    * Relationships or One Night Stands:: A relationship. duh.
    * School or Work:: work. hopefully in a job tht i love. :P
    * Love or Money:: loveloveloveloveLOVElovelovelovemakestheworldgoround.
    * Country or City:: country is good for relaxing.
    * Friends or Family.:: both. -saves self from evil stares-

    H a v e Y o u E v e r .
    * Lied :: no! see, just did it.
    * Stole Something :: an eraser once in primary school from the school shop. XD
    * Smoked:: ew no.
    * Hurt Someone Close To You:: yes. not proud of it.
    * Broke Someone s Heart:: i THINK so. :/
    * Wish You Were A Prince / Princess:: nah.
    * Shaved Your Head:: no, but i want to! :D just for the hell of it.
    * Been In Love:: yeah. still am, though not the same person. oops, tmi. ;p
    * Used Chopsticks:: i'm chinese. its kind of an obligation.
    * Sang In The Mirror To Yourself:: yes! XD its lots of fun.
    * Cried Over Someone:: yeah.

    F a v o r i t e s .
    * Color :: ehh. don't really have a FAVOURITE, per se. black? lol.
    * Movie :: currently, P.S. I Love You.
    * Location :: at home. on my couch. getting fat. sorry people, no romance in mah life. T.T

    8 R a n d o m F a c t s .
    * I .. yeah.
    * i lose track of time all the time.
    * my name rhymes with late. like, omg! :O
    * i love the kooks and d loves bright eyes. i hate bright eyes and d hates the kooks. go figure, thts why we're best buds. XD
    * i DON'T like alcoholic beverages. beer, wine, champagne, you name it i won't drink it. lol. never tried a margarita though. :P
    * music is MY boyfriend, MUA HA HA HAAA!
    * i need daily doses and adventures with my star. LOL!
    * i'm getting fat. T.T needs exercise!

    i tag:
    ben (HAHA like he'll ever do this)
    philip (?)

    okay. five people. boleh dah.

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