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    Tuesday, April 22, 2008


    okay yes i knw i've been away for a VERY long time. :P not very many things have happened wile i've been gone. or, maybe lots of things have, they have just temporarily gone to bed for the day. haha. okay, anyway, i HAVE to tell you guys :

    watch the movie P.S. I Love You. it is the sweetest show EVER. girls, get out your tissues. guys, watch it - and pick up some tips from the guys in the movie and make sure you're as sweet as them to your wife. well, except for this one guy named Daniel in the movie. he's just...


    anyhoo! watch it. its wonderful. the book is obviously better lol. books often are better thn the movies, but this is a fairly good adaptation.
    speaking of adaptations, ins has written a script for our jubilee night. i think i might try out, i dunno. i'm auditioning for the "musical" we're doing for church. :P
    dancing, the love of my life. XD
    OH! you knw wht. every saturday, at jalan bukit bintang people meet up to, uhm, shuffle and stone. but its like crews. you knw, like step up 2, stomp the yard and you got served. shuffling crews, but all the same, crews.
    pretty cooooooooooooool.
    i am SO going to check it out someday, so just let me knw if you wanna go to watch boys do the evolved version of the moonwalk. XD should have some pretty hot guys there.
    well, hopefully. :P

    lol from pull and bear. is so cute, its white with a corset print. tis cute.
    pull and bear is officially my favourite shop :D

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND they have this extremely HOT guy working there. eyebrow piercing. tall. buff. and very very hot.XDD
    hey, even mah MOTHER said so okay. :P

    anyway, i'm getting back to my movie. again. tissues! :P
    ciao people. (:
    oh and btw, my internet is seriously sucky now so you probably won't see me online very much because i'll be much too fed up with it constantly signing in and out.

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    45th Generation Roman said...

    hey you are so right i love that movie!