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    Thursday, October 25, 2007

    somebody go out with me already. pleease?

    i finished ayashi no ceres! lol, so nice. but now i have nothing to do - again. except read. i've picked up four books from my mom's cupboard.

    books :

    one for my baby - tony parsons
    switch bitch - roald dahl
    the bonesetter's daughter - amy tan
    face - aimee liu

    and i finished :

    abhorsen - garth nix
    the saga of darren shan : vampire blood - darren shan

    and i'm looking for :

    the brother's grimm - author unknown (to me, that is)
    through the looking glass (the original alice in wonderland) - author unknown (ditto)

    everyone says that i've been feeling particularly bloodthirsty lately. O.O?

    and i amaze my brother! he says (and i quote) : "sometimes, you really amaze me, kate. you can be very perceptive, but you're somewhat an airhead. i don't know whether to be amused or disgusted."

    be amazed, kor.
    i am not an airhead!!!!

    hmph. anyway. i know why i've been all mood swing-y. its that time of the month. nature calls in the form of blood, cramps and headaches.


    blood on the pavement, what a mess!
    is that your eyeball on my dress?
    don't drink and drive, just keep your head
    come graduation day, you'll be dead!

    hands on the wheel, oh i know its a drag
    i'd hate i to see that body in a body bag!
    kids listen up, cause i'm a mom
    yes blood on the pavement will ruin your prom!

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