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    Wednesday, October 03, 2007

    the count down to freedom (almost) has started

    lol. only 21 hours left. more or less lah. :P


    my hair's all weird. it seems to be defying my every wish. psht. and i am now officially a facebook addict! hahaha..

    my mom won't let me go to hartamas on friday night? why?

    "i don't know who these people are!"

    hello? isn't the whole point of going to a chill out session to MEET these people so that you can KNOW these people?? *sigh*

    nicole was supposed to go with me initially, but she can't know coz its her grandma's birthday dinner. poor darling *snickers*.

    i'm so evil. :D

    sammie wants to go with me now. i shall have to wheedle to my muzzer. hahahahaaa... imagine wheedling to MY mom. she'll prolly make a face at me. or she might just break...... hm, maybe if i make my eyes big enough.. no i can't. i just tried it in the mirror. i have mata sepet. no, seriously. every time i smile, its like little slits in my face. geeez.

    at least they're not as small as felix's! *cackles* aw don't worry felix, we still love you - small eyes and everything, kay? :)

    omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.

    i can't believe there's only 21 hours left. less than a DAY. *vibrates in seat*

    i've just decided that i want to go have my hair washed in a salon one of these days. they're so nice! then when you come out, its like, perfect. :D

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    joss stone
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    maroon 5
    aly and aj
    alanis morisette
    boys like girls

    "WE'LL MAKE THE GREAT ESCAPE." - boys like girls
    "scream if you wanna go faster." - geri halliwell


    1 comment:

    emmeline=lemonade=fishball said...

    LOL! yes, felix has cute small eyes && we still love him.

    muahahahaha.. :P

    oh yes, we do!. :)