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    Friday, October 19, 2007

    "enough is enough"

    go to youtube. search "miracle theater" and then look for the video that has the title "Miracle Theater "Enough is enough"" or something along those lines. then go to and sign the petition. okay?


    i tried to post the link for the video, but it wouldn't load, so bummer. oh well! you guys'll know what it is when you watch the vid. oh, and remember david sanborn? he's in it! so go check it out, yeah?

    on a lighter note, allow me to tell you a tale of the sad situation in my school.

    it was at my school's english literature night and the backdrop they used was a picasso painting, or at least, it looked like one, what with the sideways faces and eyes. so just to check, i asked one of the girls there. she will not be named.

    me : hey, thats a picasso painting, right?
    her : what?
    me : picasso.
    her : who's picasso?
    me : haha, you're kidding right?
    her : no, seriously, who's picasso??

    i told my mom and her jaw dropped. Le Gasp! to quote isaac. XD

    sad sad sad sad.

    kids these days.

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