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    Monday, July 16, 2007


    ok. i've been busy being emo the last two posts that i didn't think of ranting about transformers. now is my time! XD

    first off, it was amazing, ok. it was just spectacular. the movie of the year. shia lebeouf is SO HOT. i'm in love with him, i'm gonna marry him someday. the graphics were worth phoo yoeing at. i LOVE michael bay. i almost wrote michael buble. XD i love you too michael buble! but michael bay is more awesome. :P

    megan fox looks like angelina jolie! i'm serious. watch making the movie on mtv and you will so agree with me. shia was SO HOT in the making. wakakak. his lips are so nice. :D

    i'm gonna watch again this friday with sook ning and marcia!! hahaha... so i'm gonna go deaf again when i come out. seriously, isaac and i went deaf when we came out of the cinema. inessa was just learning how to breathe again. :P

    ode to megan fox (for scott) :

    excellent features :
    1. haunting eyes
    2. toned stomach (makes boys drool)
    3. can actually act (O.O)
    4. great legs
    5. great arms
    6. great lips
    7. great hair
    8. excellent rear end
    9. sexy voice
    10. attractive torso (hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

    ode to shia (for moi) :

    oh shaaayaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    joo make me happiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee
    i drooooooooolll
    be maaaaiiiiiinnnnneeeee
    marry meeeeeeeeeee
    i adore jooooooooo

    ok i'll stop now. :D

    *covers self with protective layer against hordes of screaming crowds who are throwing rotten fruit at me for my horrible wailing*

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