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    Monday, July 02, 2007


    have you guys seen le enrique inglesias video, "do you know what it feels like? (the ping pong song)"?

    its utterly ridiculous.

    in the first part, there're scenes of him canoodling on a teeny couch with his beloved. how come she's been undressed down to her lacy underwear and he's still fully clothed? hello!


    oh look, doodles is on. :D

    anyway. moving on. then there's the part where she gets hit by a car. she walks onto the street (and she looked left just before she went out, by the way), casually strolls into the middle of the road and, oh no, here come the screeching car (which is going WAY to slowly to be able to hit anyone) and all she does is put her hands up like she's being arrested. she might as well have marched out onto that road, spread out her arms and yelled "HIT ME!"

    and then there's the stupid running through the woods part.


    obviously if there was a cliff there, she would know better than to walk backwards. and she's WILLINGLY falling okay. suicide in front of your lover, how romantic. and he's just STANDING there like a dungu, watching her back away until the last moment when she is grinning from ear to ear and letting herself be pulled down by gravity. stupid or what mann!

    okay. i'm done ranting. :D

    say love!

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