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    Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    valentines... *mmwwaah*

    all the adverts for valentines day... deals, special offers, prices going up on gifts, jewelry, chocolates and roses.. love is in the air.. hearts are flying around.. smiles are lighting up.. it makes you think..

    does this mean valentines day is overrated??

    i don't know. maybe all the publicity that runs around it is. my mom just leaned over and said :


    maybe a little.
    well, okay, abit more than that.
    okay, okay, okay, so its quite overrated.
    alright, alright. yes. it is OVERRATED.
    but people like it.
    i wonder why.
    do you know?

    think you could tell me? :p


    Anonymous said...

    its not overrated.. for us unmarried people, its just the most romantic day of the year. its fun too.. u get to prank people.. owwhhh!! and you also get that butterfly-ish feeling when you receive something like roses or chocs.. its a really nice feeling.. even u can't deny that.. its full of surprises and stuff!!! love it love it!! okay.. maybe its a teensy weensy bit overrated.. ha ha.. XD

    Kateh said...

    u are SO in denial. x)

    Kateh said...
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    SarahV. said...

    i totally think its overrated... valentine's has always sucked for me... single or not. besides, valentine's from girl friends are the best! (notice its girl friends not girlfriends.) i'd give u a valentine's gift but i'm kinda broke due to christmas..the only thing real about christmas is it's Christ's birthday. :)

    Anonymous said...

    hahahah!!! NiCOLE, you're so funny!! hahahaha.. i have no idea why i'm laughing.. haha.. its a good thing.. LoL... hahahaha.. XD XD XD teensy weensy bit... hahaha.. i'd like to hear that come outta your mouth.. squeaky squeaky..!!


    sammy`. said...

    totally overrated but i love it.
    it's like nikkie said. THE MOST ROMANTIC DAY OF THE YEAR! <3

    it's true... :p