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    Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    joy oh joy

    ghost rider. they should not have used nicholas cage. i repeat, they should NOT have used nicholas cage. they should have used johnny depp because johnny depp is WAY hotter. and a better actor. nicholas cage is so uglieeeeeeee. i bet eva mendes is now washing her mouth out with toilet cleaner. oh, and the sales of wonderbras are SURE to go out the roof. zoooom! hahaha.. oh, but.. the young johnny blaze was SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aieeeeeeeeeeee! sammie, right, right?? XD

    fallout boy's infinity on high rocks. but, oh so clever me, i left it in nikki's place. *bashes head on wall* stupid stupid stupid. no wait, their touring manager is the stupid one. WHY CAN'T THEY COME HERE?? i do not see whats so wrong about them coming here. to malaysia. to kl. NOT TO SINGAPORE. i mean, HELLO?! you expect ME to go THERE? i say, pay me. T.T i want fallout boy to come heeerrreee...... why can't they come heeeerreee....

    oh yeah. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SAMMIE! and SU YEN! lol. hope you liked your patrick sammie. squishy patrick. *squish squish* anyway. hope you guys had great birthdays. and happy birthday to my cousin john. stop smoking, or i shall die faster than you. XD then you will carry tht to your grave, mua ha ha ha ha. not tht you read this anyway.


    ivan said...

    lol. Ghost Rider is a pretty bad movie [i cant belive Marvel has this kind of comic... ] bt i would prefer the young Johny Blaze to act. ya noe.. i was expecting the young JB to b Ghost Rider... lol.

    guess i was wrong... hahah. anyways. m lookin forward for Spiderman n the Reaping... haha [the Reaping is sooo nice...]

    laurilee said...

    whats the reaping? ooh! ooh! when u go see spiderman, take me wit yooouu!