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    Saturday, February 24, 2007

    the road outside my door is paved with good intentions

    ivan. FOB ROCKS. XD

    school is starting tomorrow. dammit! *sigh* i don't wanna go back. whats more we've got exams coming up. i think mine's like next week or something. anyway. our hip hop teacher is pregnant!! omg, right. but she's only been married about a year or so, so congrats to her. but tht means tht hip hop is gonna be stopped for, oh, i don't know. she's getting a replacement for the rest of this month and march but after that, who knows. maybe we shall get kenny to do it.. x) yo ho ho.. whooaaa...

    i have blogger's block. its a disease, says lynette. i agree. lets see. what shall i rant about?

    try nothing. you got me there. how about crank? lol. its a book i got a while ago. its quite interesting, i guess you can say that. about a girl who gets hooked on drugs. gets beaten up, raped and hooked onto more drugs. then she finds out she's preganant. she keeps the baby. this is actually a true story based loosely on the author's family. the girl is her daughter. its kinda sad once you think about it. getting hooked is like a disease. a real one. it eats you up and it takes over you and soon it becomes what you live, eat, breathe, it becomes everything. you don't even have to be under any kind of pressure to be hooked. all it takes is a smidgen of temptation and boom - there you go. i mean, in this story, she goes to visit her drugged up dad and there she gets hooked. she was actually a really good girl but then she went there and met a guy and he introduces her to the wonderful world of drugs and the saddest thing is that her dad actually eggs her on, encouraging her, actually telling her what different drugs do forher. not to her. for her. makes her high, makes her happy, makes her light, makes her feel on top of the world. but when she comes down, she comes down real hard. she goes home and finds more people on drugs, and there she starts getting worse, seeing dealers, buying and dealing to others, meets another girl to get high with and falls into what she calls the monster's game, and only he knows the rules. there are many ways to get down with the monster. you can snort it, smoke it, crush it and drink it. but when you come down

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