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    Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    happy chinese new year! ^^

    food food and more food. @.@ my goal for not gaining any weight this chinese new year may never be accomplished. oh well! i get paid at least. XD

    i can finally get online!!!!!! and and and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TZE QUAAAANNN!! not tht u come online and read blogs ANYWAY. :P i'm just happy i can come online.

    today went to nikki's place. watched half of fast and furious tokyo drift and watched ming yue grovel to nicole to go back to her place to watch the rest *hem hem, ming yoooo*. yeah, then khai, nikki, sammie and me went for dinner coz sammie was celebrating her birthday. its tomorrow by the way. yeah, it was fun, eating *alot* and then walking around and talking about crap. XD right guys right?! haha.. yeah then went back to sammie's place and had cake while they played cho tai ti. is that how you spell it? i have no idea. hmm and khai got sammie these really REALLY pretty earrings *hem hem khaii*. yeah, i liked them. and loads of sweets!!! i got her a *toooot tooot*. not to be revealed until tomorrow lest she reads this post anytime between tonight and tomorrow morning. going to watch ghostrider with isaac, ben and sammie tomorrow. awesomenessosity eh eh.

    okay. i'm gonna go to sleep now. dead tired from partying and drinking all night long. omg, i'm such a bad liar! *says it like bimbo blonde*


    why did the blonde stare at the orange juice carton?
    because it said "concentrate".
    *courtesy of anysa*

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