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    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    I owe you one.

    Lol. I haven't been here in a while, FB and Twitter and IACT have taken over my life. XD Anyway, I really feel I owe this loyal blog of mine a post. So here goes!

    College has been pretty great so far. I was quite disappointed when Joel and Jordan and Sylvia stopped hanging out with us much. It was pretty sudden. But in a way, I'm kind of.. I don't know. Relieved? I mean, it's not like I really ever had much to say to them anyway. But i guess I'm kind of disappointed with myself, for not getting to know them better. But, who knows, maybe God has a better, or bigger plan for me. (: Anyway, I've made awesome-er friends. Sam, Fatima and Belinda are my homies. Leo, Josh, Kay Jen and Fido are fast becoming my homies too! They're totally awesomesauce (:

    I'm currently heading a pretty big project. For mass comm, we're supposed to come up with three ways to portray love, friendship and unity. So we came up with the idea of a stop motion video. and Fido ingeniusly came up with F.L.U., which stands for Friendship, Love and Unity. Get it?? XD Anyway, so we start off quite typically, with a Chinese dude (Fido) helping a Malay girl (Fatima) at the bus stop, and giving her a place to sit down. Then Fido will sneeze, and Fatima will pass him a tissue, thus the flu is spread to her! Next scene, we have Fatima helping an Indian girl (Mallini) in the library to do some work. They talk, do work together, natter, etc etc. Then you'll see a the hands on a watch passing, showing that they spent quite some time together, they get up and hug. Fatima sneezes, Mallini passes her a tissue. Flu is spread!

    So it continues like that for another 3 scenes, different scenarios, but all showing that F.L.U. is being spread. Right at the end, we have a whole bunch of different people holding up cards that say "WE ALL HAVE THE F.L.U.", with F.L.U. being on separate cards, then they'll be turned around to show the meanings.

    TADAAA! Damn cool right? XD

    We'll also have a banner with headshots of as many people as possible, saying "WE ALL HAVE THE F.L.U." and t-shirts that say the same thing.(: If you think it's cool, and feel like supporting it, tell me if you want a t-shirt! :D I'll make one for ya. ;p

    So yeap. Tomorrow we're shooting again, and again on Friday.

    I'm booked.

    But I know, by God's grace, it's gonna be excellent. I hope so.

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    Foshizzle said...

    MUAHAHAHA. I never had much to say to them anyway. oooooooh burn! ;p