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    Tuesday, May 25, 2010


    I love this guy's hippie-boho look. Suuuper nice :D

    Today I found out that people stalk my blog O: Haha! HELLO TO BELINDA AND RATHIKA, AND KAYJENPAYJEN XD Love you people. i wasn't being mean in the last post btw, I was just.. telling it like it is. Ooooops. ;p

    Anyway, quick update : What's happening? Not much. Big assignment due next week, and a tonne more as well. OMG. I really must get started on them. Gah. Isn't first semester supposed to be lazy and relaxing?? I'm getting stressed. I really need some retail therapy. Thank goodness for the Chicpop Street Market coming up on Saturday! Totally going for it with Rathika and Fatima, and maybe Bel and Inessa too. Let's see, what else.

    Not much is happening. I still have no boyfriend XD Not particularly interested in anyone at the moment. At least, I don't think so ;p But I now have more guy friends than I have ever had in my entire life, which is pretty awesome. I blame girl's school. ;p

    Wokay, I'm gonna continue lookbookin'. ;p See ya'll!

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