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    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    They won't let me put lessthanthree as a title ):

    "With quiet words I'll lead you in." Anberlin, Unwinding Cable Car.

    HI BLOG. ;P
    I know I haven't been blogging a lot. Twitter's fast becoming my new best friend (: But I feel like I owe you a post, so here we go :D

    So, college has started :D So far, things have been pretty cool. I've made quite a lot of friends. Everyone's been pretty great so far (: We went out to play pool and foozball and watch Date Night as a group, which is a HILARIOUS movie :D I had fun. Couldn't join them for karaoke after the movie though, I had to go for cell. But cell was pretty great too! Inessa brought JC, Anthony and this new guy, Zhe. I think they had fun. At least, I hope they did ;p

    OMG, JC is soooooo cute. I hope no one who knows him sees this XDD

    OK BAI

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