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    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    Long for absolution

    "The way you taste ; You make it hard for breathing." - Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift, Two Is Better Than One.

    So! Livewire Media Conference is officially over, and I once again have nothing to do with my life. XD I got some really great shots, and I think I got better at my skills. :D I hope so!

    Anyway, plans for this week : Nada. Only lunch with Daphnie and Su Shern, which I'm pretty excited about because I haven't seen them since the Switchfoot concert which was like, AGES ago. ;p

    Did I mention Mom and Sara are back? Hahaa, they are! They lugged home a TONNE of chocolates and TimTams. I am going to die a slow chocolatey death. XD Hey, I'm not complaining. Mom bought me a strapless bra (which is AWESOME), a Roxy dress (It's reeaaaally pretty 8D) and PURPLE SKINNY JEANS BABY. XD They're one size too big though. Which means... -drum roll- WEIGHT LOSS! *w* Loll. I have to go get them altered. She also brought home a bunch of cardigans from Sook Wern (my cousin), so now I don't have to go shopping for cardigans ^^

    OMG, there was this guy at Livewire that was just the most ADORABLE THING EVER. He was soo cute. 21 years old. Leon. OMG. I couldn't stop staring. I got to meet him, but only on the last day, so we didn't get to chitchat much. ): But he was soooooo cute. Sigh.

    Anyway, I'm going to exercise now. I feel the fat settling in. XD Bye!

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