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    Monday, January 25, 2010

    The days are long.

    I want them all. ;p From May Gan's blogshop,
    Take a look! She's got some real pretty stuff, and it's mostly under RM50. :D

    Supposed to get my contacts today, but tak jadi, I'm gonna get them in ANOTHER two days. Gah! I've got astigmatism so it's taking longer. I'm so boooored. There's nothing much to do now that everyone's started college or gotten a boyfriend. I've started going for CLAP (Cell Leader A-something Programme) training, but then I found out I'm not actually supposed to be there because I'm just a Core, not really a cell leader in training, which made me feel really disappointed because it feels as if they think I can't do it. But anyway, I'm still going for the training coz Tabby wants me to. I thought this year was starting off pretty well, but things are starting to drift out of sight abit for me.

    In happier news, I'm going to try entering some photos in this competition in which UNICEF collaborated with The World Photography Organisation and the Sony Corporation. I have to take a photo that is related to a pledge, highlighting children's rights : The right to survival, education, health, protection from abuse, harm and exploitation and the right to be heard. I'm thinking of trying to get a photo in every category, and then filtering from there, but I don't even know where to start! Hahaa.. I've got a few ideas but I don't know where to go to take the photographs and things like that lah. Got some stuff to work out, and I have to hand it in by Feb 28, and I really really REALLY want to win. I get to go to Ethiopia to be mentored by Reza AND go to the World Photography Awards and the World Photography Festival in Cannes in FRANCE.

    Tell me this is not something to die for.


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