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    Monday, June 22, 2009

    Fete De La Musique <3

    I'm so glad I went for this!! It was AMAZIIIIING. <3 I'm so going again next year.
    I had ZERO clue that our local music scene was so awesome!!! Well, okay, our mainstream music kind of, well, SUCKS, except maybe Estranged. But it's our underground scene that is really worth looking out for. Bands like Army of Three, Bus Company, Pasca, An Unexpected Mercy and An Honest Mistake are good bands to look out for.

    Plus, there are some REALLY good looking dudes there. WAH! <3

    Scott took me, mom dropped us off at Telawi Street in Bangsar, and it was held in the Telawi Street Bistro. A little bit disappointing that the place was TINY, it was pretty stuffy at first. Then we discovered the lounge at the back. XD So we hung out there for a while. Scott had his friends and he introduced me to them. I was too damn shy to talk to them though, some of them look SCARYYY. XD But they're super nice.
    Unexpected Mercy was so adorable. "Backstage", they were jumping off the walls with nervousness, and they were like, OMG OMG LET'S PRAY COME ON. Lol.
    They they went on stage and it was like, WHOA, coz they're hardcore, metal, screamo, the works. Then Darren Teh from Army of Three and An Honest Mistake did some guest vocals, or rather screaming, which was awesome.
    That guy is multi talented. It's funny, coz he actually teaches English to Form 2's and Form 4's. I think as tuition. He's a vocalist in AHM and the bassist in AOT. I was pretty impressed.
    Plus, he's hot.
    What more can I say?


    Why am I not in school? Because I desperately want to AVOID getting H1N1, or even getting sick because of all the sick people in my class, eg., DEBBIE. Lol. But really, this H1N1 thing is SO scary. Debbie said that the girl from Assunta 2 who got H1N1 has a sister in my school, and I don't know whether SHE has it too, but I'm thinking she probably does because it's so contagious. D: And then YenYen (don't know how to spell her name) goes in the same van as the girl, and she's been quarantined, and SHE WAS IN OUR CLASS A BUNCH OF TIMES LAST WEEK, so now I'm damn scared of going to school.

    I DON'T WANT TO GET H1N1!!!! Assunta is really BODOH, seriously. Supposedly there are a few other cases of suspected H1N1 IN OUR SCHOOL, according to Puan Arpah, and I don't know if it's confirmed, but I sure as hell don't want to take any chances.

    Any other news? Actually, yeah.
    I feel like I've been living, breathing DRAGON with a bad temper these past few weeks, I don't know WHY. Yesterday, I got so mad at Debbie (sorry again!! D:) and my mood has been swinging like CRAZY lately. The littlest thing can piss me off.
    I don't WANT to use PMS as an excuse, but I know it's PARTLY the problem, but still. I hate being angry!!!! I'm a happy person!! HAPPY!! D<
    So please bear with me while I overcome my temper. It's a rather ugly beast.

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