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    Monday, June 08, 2009

    Disappearing Act.

    "You've got some kind of nerve ; Taking all I was." - The Fray, You Found Me.

    My MSN has suddenly disappeared on me. D:
    So anyway, I watched Hannah Montana twice. HAHAHAA.
    Okay, I'll be honest. It wasn't THAT bad. Yes, it was corny and cheesy and food-y. BUT, Lucas Till totally made up for it. SERIOUSLY. My gawd, he was so frigging hot, it was unbelievable. Okay, when you first look at him, it's slightly weird coz his neck is super thick. @.@ But then, you see him riding on a horse with one arm dangling down, and it's like, OMG, pure sexy cowboy in blue jeans.. Riding on Blue Jeans the horse. XD

    Miley Cyrus just looked really strange. One scene, she smiled at herself in the mirror, and she kind of looked maniacal.

    Anyway, I'll leave ya'll with a sexy photo of Lucas Till, the cowboy Travis.

    Curse you, Miley Cyrus. CURSES!!

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