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    Friday, March 06, 2009


    Don't you think I could tell them you were trying to, trying to make a fool out of me? - Chiodos, A Letter To Janelle.

    Lol, so exams have started and thank GOD that Ekons and Sejarah and Math 2 are OVERRR. Gosh. Killer subjects.
    I hate Ekons lah. I know it's "good for me" and will "help me in the future", but I just don't GET it. Get what I mean?
    I can TRY to be interested in it, but I'm just NOT. I pay attention in class, I really do try, but everything just flies over my head. It's like, my brain processes that Ekons is coming up soon and immediately goes into Standby mode. YEESH.

    Okay. Enough about Ekonomi Asas.
    I have to get up early for bible study tomorrow.
    I haven't slept in in AGES and AGES. It's awful!! I want to sleep in! Sleeping in the afternoon does not compare to the pleasures of waking up at 9.30am instead of 6am.
    Okay. Must think positive. Bible study, Kate. Bible study.
    And it's about Ruth, so that's pretty okay. (:

    Okay, so Sunday's Han Rick's birthday partay. Woo! I'm pretty excited bout it, I guess. Don't ask me why, I like parties. XD

    Yeah, I don't have much else to write. SORRY my life's kinda boring.
    Gosh, I can't wait to go to college. I mean, I know it's gonna be hard and all, but I just can't wait to get OUT of school! Lol, call me ambitious, that's just how I feel.
    My blogger is still kind of cacat, and now my Internet is spazzy.

    Uhh okay, I guess I'm done. ;p Everything flew out of my head and I don't wanna lay anything heavy on you guys. You might just label my blog emo and send me to the psych ward. XD
    I watched Changeling the other day. It was REALLY good. I watched Rachel Getting Married too, but it was kind of just okay? Some of it was good, but overall, it was okay. (:
    I haven't watched Milk. O: Must watch. MUST.
    Despite exams.

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