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    Saturday, March 28, 2009

    Buatan Malaysia.

    "Why can't it be no two people feel the same way at the same time?" - Xavia, The Submarines.

    LOL so Keilly's performance last night was super good!! It was so much fun, and the non-buatan Malaysia in the group was hot. XD But he's like 14. So.. Yeah.;.;

    TG and Keilly did really well. ^^ TG had to say some stuff at the beginning, the patriotic stuff.. What was it again.. Something Kau telah reda.. Lautan..


    Anyway. They sang alot of old patriotic songs, and it was actually really nice. I didn't know Malaysia had such nice Malay songs! Haaha. It was a good eye opener. (: I was pleasantly surprised.
    I missed Earth Hour though, but I think it went well. ^^ Congrats KL! Lol.
    Anyway. I'm gonna go now, I just finished a ton of housework. XD Okay, maybe not a TON, but alot! ;p


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    Sheril B said...

    omg was my pronounciation THAT bad?!

    It was actually four lines from our darling Jalur Gemilang song..except recited as a Sajak as opposed to sung ever so cheesily.

    "Puncak dunia telah kau tawan,
    Lautan luas telah kau reda,
    Membawa semangat jiwa merdeka,
    Semarak jaya kami warganya"