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    Wednesday, July 16, 2008


    "i want you to want me; i need you to need me; i love you to love me; i'm begging you to beg me" - i want you to want me, letters to cleo

    its back to the old grinding stone again.
    is that the right expression? lol. i'm not too sure. its so weird, going back to class. i'm so used to wanting to cut across the field straight to the hall to wait for melissa / huda / debbie to open it so we can go inside and start practice.
    i keep thinking that we have to go to the bilik kuliah. i keep wanting to sit on the soft wheelie chairs and bounce around on them with everybody. on the aircon and lean on somebody close and fall asleep. watch persona on inessa's notebook. XD
    well. at least now i have something i never really had before.
    i have bus stop buddies!!! :D
    haha. mallini, tengku, jo, sulu, mayoo and KBB all wait at the bus stop and i had no idea. think about it! all this time i've been sitting there on my own without anyone when i could have been talking to this amazing people instead and having the time of my life. i'm sad that i've only gotten to know them this year, especially because most of them are in form5, but i'm really glad at the same time. i only hope that my friendship will make their last year in school a memorable one. (:

    anyway! enough emo-ing, i suppose. i will now take on the role of being the cheerleader of the form fivers!! i will cheer and rah-rah them on until they get sick and tired of me. XD and after their SPM (note : their SPM), we will PARTAYY. eh, jo? ;p
    that song shake it by metro station. catchy. but the fact that one of the lead singers is miley cyrus' brother is SUCH a turn off. ugh.
    oh well.

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