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    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    por queeeee!

    "the best way to make it through with hearts and wrists intact is to realize that 2 out of 3 ain't bad" - fallout boy, the take's over, the break's over.

    lol. i just thought a change would be nice. and i'm too lazy to go looking for one of those really nice blogskins simply becuse i can never find one that i really really like. i'm just gonna go and find out how to make one of my own lah. :P

    anyway, i wanted to jot something quick down because i have to go and do my moral tugasans, otherwise, i'm pretty much screwed tomorrow. this jot is about the strangely famous jonas brothers. okay, well, not so strange. look at all those fan girls. ugh.

    okay, i'll admit it. the lead singer (his name constantly escapes me) IS cute. i WILL give him that much. and their songs are kinda catchy. the only catch?
    listening to "burning up" on the radio is like listening to a cat getting burnt up. i mean, the song is catchy enough, yes. but their vocals, gawd. they just.... KILL. i mean, cutie over here has a fairly decent voice i suppose. but then he hands the mike over to curly over there and your eardrums just get SHATTERED. its awful. i mean, he sounds like a 12 year old boy in the middle of pubescence with a sore throat trying to sound sexy. well, i got three words for you, curly, IT'S NOT WORKING. pfft.

    okay. moving on. d is back online. except now sam and i are skeptical. let's keep it at that for the moment.
    we're going to prima selayang this week for nst, and quite truthfully, i'm not looking forward to it. but i have to go. coz i'm the main leader. -big sigh-

    okay! i must now GO before my ass gets glued to the pillow i'm sitting on and i never get my tugasans done. and mishi just reminded me that our moral ujian nilai is tmrw. i'm pretty much screwed, i don't know shit. haha!
    baiii~ ^^

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