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    Monday, July 21, 2008

    heyyyy... 8D

    lol, not only is today the day i was born (bwa ha ha haaa), but i just realized that this is my 200th post!! haha!

    happy 200th post, my dear blog!

    i had a blast in school today. would you believe i actually wrote those words? lol. yes, i did. it was actually puan josephine tan's retirement today, so i went to school and went straight to the hall to practice "seasons of love"... for her. yeah. so anywaaaaay. i got a PANDA doll from deboraba, zi lynn and mishi!! and CAKE! chocolate cake, yummmmm.

    and tengku got me a present too. a cup! of me own! hahahaa. thank you tengku! i really wasn't expecting anything, so she majorly made my day. ^^

    THANKS debbie, zi lynn, mishi and the MAAN cast for making today so much fun for me!
    i had to feed everyone the chocolate cake. it was like this :

    me : okay, who do i feed first?
    allybean : daddy first!!
    mallini : grandaddy first!!
    mayuri : don john first!!!!

    ahahaa. and then there were balloons in the hall and mayu and ally were playing. so funny, lol. debbie's got the cutest pic of mayu playing with a balloon in the field. dA, debbie! :D


    Anonymous said...


    lol, you are most welcomed~ glad I made yr day!!

    jo's blogsite is

    and the Beatrice is not linked! HOW can the Beatrice NOT BE LINKED!?
    -shoots disdain- lol.

    Zee said...

    Panda :D Tralalalala

    I always wondered how it feels like getting to celebrate one's birthday in school. Oh well. Holidays sometimes suck :3