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    Sunday, June 22, 2008

    P.A.D. is over!

    "and how do you expect me to live alone with just me?" - jordin sparks feat. chris brown, no air

    and now that its over, i have to focus on the golden jubilee for school. pn sabina has entrapped me. she's making me do some ballet piece for the concert. @.@

    ohmigosh, i watched spiderwick. its the most magical show, EVER! lol. i <3 thimbletack who is absolutely hilarious especially when he turns into a boggart. :P and hogsqueal is SO funny! hahaa.
    I <3 FREDDIE HIGHMORE. new favourite child actor. it used to be that kid from charlie and the chocolate factory, that augustus gloop fellow. he was just the funniest thing ever. XD freddie highmore's from catcf too. :P he's awesome lah. he did the twin thing like lindsay lohan in parent trap for spiderwick and it was the best thing ever. he really managed to pull off being two extremely different people. WOW.

    i had to wash off two days worth of hairspray this afternoon. took me half an hour to get it all out. gawd, i hate hairspray. gel is worse. and stage make up is EVEN WORSE. i felt so sleepy with all tht eye make up on, its so heavy! and its worse when you have to get up at 4.45 in the morning. lol. but it was worth it, i hope everyone who watched had a good time.

    anyway, i've gott run now. too lazy to put colour into this post. :P baii!

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