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    Wednesday, June 11, 2008

    bloopers ftw!

    lol. i was in MAAN (Much Ado About Nothing) rehearsel today and mayuri kept messing up but in hilarious ways. then kaneges started laughing in the middle of a scene. then at one part, mayuri was supposed to slam the table and stand up and shout "WHO? CLAUDIO?" but then she forgot. she slammed the table, stood up and looked at her script and said "EHH?!?"

    ohmigod. SO FUNNEH! hahaaa. i had awesomest of times. loll. then at recess christina pinched my cheek. again. for no reason. and then she slapped my butt. i'mma get her back tomorrow. >:3

    anywaaaay. yes, i went for the seventeen roxy summer splash thingie! i had alot of fun. other than the part where we had to leave sammie coz we wanted to go into the crowd to watch the guys and girls (mostly guys) on the stage doing.. whatever. she had to literally push us off. XD and then sarah lost her money. she kept it in her bikini top (yeah, we were all like, "sarah!") and then we went to buy ice cream. we got back, she forgot to take it out and then she and i went swimming. came back and bam! no more money. ahh vell. other than that, we had LOADS of fun. :P well, i did anyway.

    the so-called summer hunks were up on stage and the mc's kept asking the crowd "shirt on or off?" so, well, OBVIOUSLY, all the girls would be screaming off right! lol. marcia, sarah and i would shout "put it back on!!" if it wasn't nice. XD i know, we're so mean. and then we met these two guys, andrew scott and justin. a piece of conversation :

    kate : what's your name?
    andrew scott : scott! yours?
    kate : kate! ohmigod, you've got the same name as my brother.
    andrew scott : oh, then you can call me andrew.
    kate : but you said your name was scott. o.o
    andrew scott : yeah, its andrew scott.
    kate : oh.. what are you? (yeah, i know, stupid question *smacks forehead*)
    andrew scott : human!
    kate : har har. (blushing furiously here)
    marcia : she means what race lah!
    andrew scott and sarah simultaneously : MARTIAN! high five!

    so yes. DUHH, kate, DUMB QUESTION. what are you. gawd! *slaps self* lol, he was hot too. justin was so NOT, but he was pretty hilarious, in fact, he said hi to us first. so we made friends. then we wanted to go swimming together but we lost andrew scott and justin in the crowd. we saw andrew scott again after, but only for a while. and we didn't get their numbers! T.T sorry, shy lah. :P i will now depend on chance in hopes of ever seeing him again. :(

    well, i guess thats it so far. oh, exam results :

    maths : 60
    science : 66 (i was appalled)
    english : belum tahu.
    bahasa melayu : 60.
    english literature : 81 (i was appalled - in a good way. peeing in my pants waiting for results lah!)
    ekonomi asas : jangan harap. FAIL.
    sejarah : 41 (scrape!)
    PJK : 82 (XD)

    thats it so far. gotta go! ^^

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