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    Sunday, March 16, 2008

    colourful sharp candy.

    i haven't been blogging very much, i know. lol. i dunno. nowadays, quite sien lah, to blog. but here i am!! XD

    school holidays are over. ): i'm so sad. i don't wanna go back to schooooooooooooooool!! T.T

    but if i don't go, i don't get my chocolate from michelle tan, so off to school i go!! :P

    gahh. blogger is being weirdly sucky.

    ben, nes, phil and i have wonderful plans lined up for isaac's birthday. *rubs hands together in glee* heehee!! :D lol no it doesn't involve any flour, eggs or water. okay, maybe abit of water. i just hope i can make it. dad wants to go to raub this weekend. with sara and me. but if i go to raub, i miss isaac's birthday. T.T i don't wnt to miss eitherrr!!! sigh. this is what comes of an undecisive mind. hahaa..

    let's see. what else has happened this week.

    there was khai's birthday! it was pretty awesome. :D

    and hanrick's! he didn't invite any of his hot GIS friends though, what a shame. but we had a ton of fun.

    i'm sick. stay away from my germs. :P

    and i cut my hair!! :D

    -laughing till the moon comes out, laughing till everything just hurts. feels good, don't it?-

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