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    Wednesday, January 09, 2008


    i'm rlly tired right now.

    no, i'm not emo, don't worry. :P

    i'm listening to paula deanda, for goodness sakes.

    let's see.

    i had PJK this morning. for dakota's sake, PJK is PE.

    and it was first period. that's the absolute WORST coz you have to go through the rest of the day sticky and ewy. gross.

    then i had house practice. it was so FREAKING hot this afternoon. thank goodness it started raining.

    i joined cheerleading to escape marching. they were gonna force the form four students to join marching.

    what kinda sick, TWISTED plan was THAT, eh!??

    and after tht, i came home at 4.30pm, had something to eat and rushed off to BM tuition, where i almost fell asleep. thank goodness for marcia. :P

    and i got home by 8pm coz there was this massive jam.

    i swear, malaysians forget how to drive once it rains, its ridiculous.

    so yeah, thts why i'm pretty tired now.

    i'm FATIGUED, baby. XD

    so i'mma hit the sack pretty soon. i'll see most of you at nst this sat, woohoo! :D

    see yah babs!


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    Kimmy said...

    No, Kate! I'm not getting a cbox! I hardly use my blog anyways.. There's nothing to write and no one reads it anyways.. Ooh! guess what? I found a butterfly dress that is pink! I love it!! =D

    Love you loads,