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    Friday, January 25, 2008


    okay, i know phil tagged me like super long ago (yes phil i know! :P) on "what Jesus means to me. i've spent a LOONG time thinking about it. i think i might have it now. :)

    Jesus to me is like my mother. she's a person who is always there for me to hug and smile with me. even though Jesus isn't exactly "there" to hug, i can smile with Him, knowing that He'll smile together. He will never leave me nor forsake me. just like.. my momma! :P and though my mother will pass away one day, Jesus and His Word will never pass away.

    Jesus to me is like my water. i need it EVERYDAY, morning, afternoon and evening. it is essential for my wellbeing. just like Jesus! :) my water quenches my thirst, like Jesus quenches mine for more of Him.

    Jesus to me is like my phone. yes, i know this is weird. haha. my phone contains all my contacts, wakes me up with its alarm, keeps my reminders, etc. Jesus keeps me close to the ones i love (contacts), wakes me up when i have a nightmare (alarm) and reminds me to love everyone (reminders). my phone keeps my favourite quotes, which inspire me. Jesus' Word inspires me.

    erh. yes, thats it. not much for spending weeks on end thinking about what Jesus means to me, but it means much to me. Jesus is truly everything to me. God bless everyone! :)


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